Our Mission

All Heroes have wounds from their service. Some wounds are visible. Some are not. Emotional injuries, mental injuries, brain injuries, are just as tender as the broken bones we can see. We mentor to reintegrate into civilian life. Our mission is to honor, empower, and rebuild emotional wellness through REBOOT Recovery courses, connection adventure trips, and counseling on top down and bottom up therapies so the Hero can create their own personalized Whole Health Script.

REBOOT Recovery

12-week faith-based trauma healing course designed to help Heroes and their spouse/significant other recover from the spiritual and moral wounds of war, and/or service-related trauma.

Whole Health Script

Provide mentorship for Heroes to create an individualized Whole Health Script. A routine that allows them to continue working on their mental wellbeing and physical health thru a combination of Top Down and Bottom Up Therapies.

Connection Adventure Trips

We achieve connection through activities like hunting trips, fishing trips, group fitness events, and sporting events.

Top Down Therapy

Provide education for Heroes on different types of mental wellness programs. We help Heroes find mental wellness therapies through the VA and local mental wellness health professionals.

Bottom Up Therapy

Connect Heroes to physical restorative therapies - CrossFit, Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructors, Chiropractic Care, Acupuncturists, Occupational Therapists, and/or other functional medicine providers.

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REBOOT 12 Week Trauma Healing Course

Starting August 31, 2020 at 5:45pm Childcare and Dinner provided

Next Event

Queenslake Farm Fall Weekend of Fishing

October 02 – 4

Support a Hero
Stop Veteran Suicide

Over 20 veterans die by suicide every day and with your help, we can change that.

With monetary donation


  • Help a Hero attend REBOOT Recovery
  • Send a Hero on a Connection Adventure Trip
  • Provide mentorship for Heroes to create an individualized Whole Health Script and access to therapies


  • All profits support our "Follow Me" Programs
  • All team members are non-paid volunteers
  • 100% of profits go towards REBOOT Recovery courses, connection adventure trips, and mentoring.
Larry Sigmund

Larry Sigmund

Reboot Recovery – Board of Advisors

True healing can happen when YOU are ready. I believe strongly in the mission we have started. Give it a look, YOU may be ready now.

SFC (Retired) Jesse Sage

SFC (Retired) Jesse Sage

Founder/President – Board of Directors

Connection is essential to human survival. I created a Whole Health Script to continue my personal growth and live my best life. It has been key for me along the road to recovery and adapting to civilian life. I want to connect with you, to help you create your own Whole Health Script. Join us!

To read Jesse’s full story click on image above

Col. (Retired) William "Bill" Simmons

Col. (Retired) William "Bill" Simmons

Treasurer – Board of Directors

One of the things that most veteran’s miss once out of the military is the camaraderie they experienced while in the military. Wounded Heroes wants to give that camaraderie back to each person that experiences the REBOOT Recovery Connection because after they complete the program the connection to Wounded Heroes is not over.

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